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It is common for the stylish women who wake up for makeup, alongside extra skincare routines and it seems like they can not live without it.An updo hairstyle, sexy wedges, and the little black dress will not be complete in the absence of foundation, eye shadow, lipstick and other cosmetics.

You say makeup can save a bad day as long as it fits your skin and gets you glowing but we never even say have too much of it. Unquestionably, you gave a strong nod to Bobbi Brown when she said, “Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself. Only prettier and more confident.”

For determined women in fashion, makeup is an art. You get to be a makeup artist (MUAs) every time you blend, shape, soften, and highlight any detail on your face. Just like any other artist, you need tools- reasonably priced and high quality. They are your weapons to successfully carry out your everyday makeup thingy.

Let’s get going and be in the know of the brushes that you need in your lives, shall we? According to Makeup pro, Nina Park says “There are no rules where one type of brush is specific to one area”

Be sure to have these in your makeup kit: foundation brush, powder brush, concealer brush, kabuki brush, angled blush brush, all-over eye shadow brush, smudger brush, angled eyeliner brush, lash or brow comb or brush, and fan brush. They are everywhere from upscale and low-end cosmetics stores to online shops.

These are the recommended synthetic bristles from 9-Neko: 1. 170 MAC Synthetic Rounded Slant Brush2. Hourglass Angled Liner Brush, 3. Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush, 4. MAC 316 Lip Brush, 4.Artis Fluenta Oval 6.

Image Source: Hot Pick Synthetic Brushes / 9-Neko editorial
Photo Credit: Hot Pick Synthetic Brushes / 9-Neko editorial


It is round and slightly domed, slanted shape – paired with densely packed, luxuriously soft synthetic fibers – makes this brush ideal for applying, buffing out and blending thick creams and liquids with a smooth, even finish.

2. Hourglass Angled Liner Brush

The short, angled bristles of this brush ensure a precise, firm, and even stroke when lining and defining eyes. Expect polished, professional results every time. All Hourglass brushes boast weighted metal handles and high-grade, PETA-friendly Takelon bristles that ensure optimal application of the product.

3. Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush

A professional concealer brushes that allow you to apply and blend at the same time. It's the ideal brush for covering undereye circles.

4. MAC 316 Lip Brush

For controlled lipstick application that comes with a metal cover. This brush has small, flat, firm fibers and a tapered tip. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

5. Artis Fluenta Oval 6

The Artis® Fluenta Oval 6, is great for applying product to the entire eyelid; or foundation to the face, or contouring the cheekbone area. It applies blush beautifully to the apple of the cheek and blends it so that the application looks natural and healthy

Other than that, 9-Neko also believes you can not resist getting a The conscious kit, from a new brand called 13rushes (based in Singapore). The pouch includes all the essential bristles you need for the day: Liquid Foundation, Powder Blushers, Loose Powders, Highlighting Powders, Cream Based Contouring Products, Powder Based Eyeshadows, and Lipsticks.

13rushes has been featured in glossy mags such as Women’s Weekly Singapore (March 2015 and April 2016), Elle Singapore (March 2016), Mother & Beauty (September 2015), Teenage (April and August 2015), Juice (July 2015), Nylon (August 2014 and May 2015), SimplyHer (February 2015), and Marie-France Asia (March 2014).  Launched in 2013, 13rushes puts together animal-friendly synthetic brushes at cut-rate prices and with top-notch quality.

Image Source: The Conscious Kit _ (13rushes x Her World) /
Photo Credit: The Conscious Kit _ (13rushes x Her World) /


All those make 13rushes beauty tools a must-have for women who are serious about makeup. The brand’s every brush is developed to offer unequaled soft feels on anyone’s face. Without question, 13rushes brushes are a perfect match with creams and powders, including liquid cosmetics. Go, get them all, and put your best face forward!


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