How do you define a clear glass skin? ūüíę

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To get a glass skin that sounds like an utmost achievement to everyone. A perfect skin is your skin looks plump hydrated and flawless. 

These K-beauty skincare steps seems workable to attain translucent, clear and smooth skin. Hmmm.... Isn't it sounds like a secret recipe? Many researches have proofed that skincare ingredients are important but applying in the right steps will double up the skincare effect. 

Step 1: Double cleansing to create a squeaky clean look. Creating a clean canvas and to get ready your applied skincare products are fully absorbed into your skin.

  • Use a cleansing balm, cleansing oil or Micellar water to clean your face.¬†
  • Use a gentle foaming face cleanser to clean it for the second time.¬†

Step 2: Exfoliation to clear all the dirt inside your pores, as the dead cells clogs the pores and make the skin dull. Exfoliate your skin twice or thrice a week. 

  • Use a chemical exfoliant can be glycolic acid or lactic acid in mild concentrations¬†
  • Use physical exfoliant like jojoba beads or walnut particles can exfoliate the dead cells on the skin¬†¬†

Step 3: Toner to refresh your skin before applying the main essence. Toners helps you to restore the pH level of the skin. 

Step 4: Use an Essence like serum that is an essential part of achieving a clear glass skin. Essence is much similar to serums but is less concentrated. They are very lightweight and have a watery consistency. The skin problems like redness and pigmentation can easily be solved by an essence. It gives a good boost of moisture and hydration to the skin. But Serum or Ampoule? 

Serum generally contains active ingredients in higher concentrations, which mean it is thicker in consistency than an essence. It nourish the skin, shrinks the pores and even out skin tone. Vitamin C and E are very effective to achieve glass skin. 

Step 5: Moisture is a very important ingredient to ensure your skin hydration and slow down your skin ageing progress, because the ingredients are richer than the serum and essence. 

Step 6: Eye-cream. You won't look fresh with baggy under your eyes or dark circles. Eyes area is one of the important parts on your face to show your first impression to others. Apply the right eye creams to avoid the causes of fine lines beneath the eyes. 

Step 7: To do face mask twice a week - an unavoidable step to skip. It makes the differences as it could repair damage, lock moisture and remove all the tiredness. 

Having a glass skin couldn't be achieved by just a single approach. You have to apply the right ingredients with the right steps into your daily skincare regime. It is like a puzzle and it takes times and efforts to make a completed canvas. MAGIC¬†ūüíꬆ


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