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Photo Courtesy: Sothys Paris, Instagram 

The concept of sustainability or green living has gone mainstream for future generation, it composed of 3 pillars: economic, environmental, and social. Millennials and Gen Z are so called “Generation Green”, the demographics who are more conscious of social impact and environmental-friendly to the society.

The shift of consumer preference, that has started to bring the concerns many companies that they need to take the sustainable concept into their business model in order to secure their market demand. In particularly, beauty industry is one of the hottest markets where take this Green idea seriously to their consumers. The following example is the best selection to showcase how the beauty brand transforms to pursue the ideas of responsible beauty: Sothys Paris.

Why Sothys Paris? A represented French excellence beauty brand was founded in 1946 and its highly-trained beauty therapist has continually to serve professional facial treatments and techniques for international beauty institutes, hotels and spas across 120 countries to present.


Sothys Paris | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Sothys Paris, Instagram 

With the research and manufacturing lab oneself, it combines impeccable technology, scientific and innovative beauty solutions to the beauty world for over 70 years. The principle of providing highest quality, and level of efficacy to human with the mixture of sensorial experience to individual treatment, a sense of well-being that nurtures body and mind. Unique formula form are key ingredients but having good scents that is also essential for manifestation of harmony.

Sothys Paris

Photo Coutesy: Sothys Paris Website 

The sustainable development is moving part of Sothys business journey, in responsive to the corporate social responsibility (CSR), to develop a new range of skincare products by selecting recycled materials, and environmental-friendly packaging, and by minimising the carbon footprints through the whole manufacturing process. The commitment to respectful of the skin and the nature will stay forever from its establishment to future by proving from another two organic and plant-based brands, Beauty Garden and Bernad Cassiere, are formed under the same Sothys Group.

Naturality, Foundation, Transparency, responsibility, and commitment

Sothys Paris

Photo Courtesy: Sothys Paris, Instagram 

The unique formulated ingredients are the specialities from Sothys, it is formed by 100% of natural raw materials and using Green Chemistry methods. Itself active ingredients are patented for different treatment ranges ranging from hydrating, detox, and to youth, and all these are complied with the Washington Convention.

Naturality is important but to ensure the product efficiency and safety are the fundamental values to the consumers, hence all formulas must be complied with the EU cosmetics Regulations standards. The safety assessment performed by the independent toxicologist and test under the dermatologist’s supervision are the key transparency methods to ensure the contained synthetic ingredients are safe to use on skin. An ethical and environmental-friendly brands means that no apply on animal-testing and non-allowed to use child labour for the production purpose.

This product is exquisite from the perfect packaging to the final products, from its establishment to the present, this is because they always want to create the best values and deliver the best qualities to its consumers. Long historical brands with highest quality of products, that always try to bring the best for you but also care for the environments and for the next generation.


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