Skin Influencer: Mabel: "Glow Your Skin" 💆🏻‍♀️


Photo Courtesy: Mabel's Instagram, Glow Your Skin Aus 

Do Skincare influencers help? Why have skin care influencers become impactful in today’s society? Are they safe to trust?

There is no doubt that Beauty or Skincare influencers have become popular on social media. But since these skincare influencers are not professional dermatologists and skincare specialists, how much you should rely on their shared information? You are not alone in thinking this!

Sometimes, we just need to carefully select information based on the followers’ reviews of the skincare influencers. To be honest, there are still many good skincare influencers sharing reliable reviews and opinions. Don’t underestimate some potential skincare influencers who do have a Science degree. This means they absolutely have a legitimate knowledge base to share with their followers.

Yes, they are not dermatologists but they share their real experiences on how to address certain skincare problems. If you have acne problems, we believe you will follow influential people who will guide you on how to minimize this issue or other skincare issues such as dry, sensitive skin and etc.

In a nutshell, 9-Neko Editorial believes that you should “choose according to your need”. 

Our platform would like to introduce this special skincare influencer, Mabel, who lives in Sydney - her Instagram name is @glowyourskinaus. Her words on social media: “Trying out new skincare & reviewing them – esp. Korean skincare” and “Wish I had more than one face to test on” – we believe every girl has the same wish! 

She constantly produces many interesting and short video clips to introduce new skincare products and shares her reviews of these products. Not only this, she also shares insightful skincare and beauty secrets that you and I may not yet know. Interestingly, we often think all girls have a deep understanding of the skincare and beauty products, but this is a misconception! Many girls do not have time to have a deep understanding of skincare and beauty products.  They can explore on social media but sometimes it’s best to access all the information from a reliable source, such as following her/his favourite skincare icons like Mabel.


Here are a few short clips downloaded from Mabel’s Instagram:

Introducing Eight Sheet Masks from Abib.Global
When she unboxing Korean skincare gift from
7 steps of Skincare Routine to calm your skin:
1) Oil Cleanser 2) Foam Cleanser 3) Exfoliate pad 4) Toner 5) Calming Ampoule 6) Eye Cream 7) Calming Cream
Sheet Mask's Reviews for 1) Abib: Citrus: Hydrate and Brighten; 2) Abib: Hyuttuyara Cordata: Calming; 3) Abib: Honey: Heal and Moisturise; 4) Water: Moisturising
After browsing through Mabel’s Instagram account, I feel to have some tries on the new Korean products that I’ve never heard that before. Xoxoooxo

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