Skincare Influencer: Simona 🥰💄💆🏻‍♀️


Skincare Influencer: Simona

Photo Courtesy: Simona's Instagram 

The fact is that every one of us has limited time because we have full-time jobs and need to spend time with our family and loved ones.   

Nevertheless, it’s still important to spare yourself some “me” time. We need personal time to do things that are beneficial to our mental and physical health. This includes exercises, mediation, reading and etc. Skincare routine is essential to maintain our skin condition, but our busy lives may not have time to find the new, organic and suitable skincare products. What can we do about it? 9-Neko Editorial would like to show you some potential beauty or skincare influencers who always try to recommend new and skincare products based on your skin type and condition.

Yes, they are not dermatologist and skincare specialists but it’s always good to reach additional sources of recommendations before buying the right products for yourself.

Simona is one of the "Have to Know" skincare influencers based in Australia. She often provides personal review with collaborated skincare brands and also for her audiences on her social media.

Skincare Influencer | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Simona's Instagram 

Why would 9-Neko Editorial recommend you Simona? The above "before" and "after" photo can definitely show that Simona is in her right Skincare Journey. Our Editors are here to share you the right person for your skincare guidance. 

Do you also have Dry and Sensitive skin type as well? If yes, you should check her profile and get some of her thoughts and suggestions. Follow her Instagram: Simona's Instagram 

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