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13rushes is a Singapore’s leading 100% cruelty-free cosmetic brand. Since 2013, the brand was founded by a talented and enthusiastic Singaporean girl whose mission is to craft every synthetic brush that “be kind to the animals that share this planet with us”.

Since the inception of the business journey (from design, production to end-consumers point), the reputation of this brand has not come easily. To make a perfect brand that also tag along the sustainable concept, it is impossible to do without spending a huge effort on it.

Each brush is hand-made through 12 production stages by 26 craftsmen, and each designed is only be created after reviewing over 80 different types of synthetic bristles. The brand continually to create the best animal-friendly brushes to its consumers by incorporating innovative way at its 13rushes labs. 

Aim: “Animal-friendly products with two benefits of cost-effective and performance similarly like natural hair brushes”

9-Neko feels so grateful to have this cooperative opportunity with 13rushes. Its success is undeniable, and many fashion magazines have also featured its brands including Her world Singapore, Women’s Weekly Singapore, Elle Singapore, Aesthetics & Beauty and Wellness Awards, and Teenage, and etc.


9-Neko Editorial | 13rushes Cruelty free brushes Photo credit: Her World Singapore July 2016, Exclusive feature as a eco-business plus product feature of the "Duo-fibre fan brush"


9-Neko Editorial | 13rushes Cruelty Free Brushes

Photo credit: Women's Weekly Singapore April 2016, Product featured: I've got a brush crush!

9-Neko Editorial | 13rushes Cruelty free Brushes Photo Credit: 13rushes Singapore: Brea's Adventure Travel Series Mini Kit