Dr. Althea

Dr.Althea, an internationally recognized Korean beauty brand, a company has a clear belief  and vision of delivering optimal skin health result for its customers by using safe, effective and natural ingredients in formulated its skincare and cosmetics products. With its own research lab and specialists to discover the fundamental and cause of the problematic skin, then formulated the products with safe and natural ingredients through the prudent research and testing methods.

Its Pro Lab series is not only very effective to consumers with sensitive skin but also suitable for all skin type consumers. To treat the customers with skin concerns including tired, sensitive and weakened skin and its intention to help the consumer to return their skin condition back to primary immaculate state, while with the functions of helping skin hydration to lock the water loss from the skin, and to prevent the signs of ageing. Why is called Dr.Althea? “Althea” is the national flower in South Korea and as an identity to represent its country that inspires its approach to skincare and cosmetics.

"Life isn't perfect, but your skin can be" - Dr. Althea - Pro Lab  

Dr Althea _ Azulene 147HA soothing Cream
Photo Credit: Dr.Althea