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9-Neko Editorial: Carissa Smart's Instagram

Photo Credit: Carissa Smart's Instagram 

If you want your business to immediately attention of the the market, social media platforms are the most common, best ways to promote your business. It is a free, fast, and effective tool.

In the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of many creative, enthusiastic, and talented young influencers showcasing their unique works on Instagram. The 9-Neko editorial is always on the lookout for what fresh, inspiring, and original. 

Due to the growth of social media, many of the creative, enthusiastic, and talented young people are designing easier ways to present their unique works to the public with more affordable and faster marketing methods.

Image Source: Carissa Smart's Instagram

Photo Credit: Carissa Smart's Instagram 

For us, 9-Neko editorial would like to introduce you to Carissa Smart.  She is a based Melbourne-based graphic designer and photographer. She also owns the Design By Aikonik, which she started after finishing her  Communication Design degree at RMIT University in 2006.

We're so in love with how neat and unique her works are. Her feed is filled with beautiful curation of makeup, skincare, fashions, artworks and inspiring quotes. She shares her daily ideas and flat lays on her instagram with over 92.5k followers. You'll definitely be wowed as you go over her impressive feed and find it difficult to leave the stream of beautifully-curated photos.

Carissa pays great attention to details, especially in terms of visual images. She has a good sense of design and a strong interest in everything related to fashion and lifestyle and she is always on point when creating the perfect image.

If you would like to get more ideas of how to capture the perfect flat lay, 9-Neko Editorial recommends that you follow her minimalist style for more inspiration.

 Image source: Carissa Smart's Instagram

Photo Credit: Carissa Smart's Instagram 


Photo Credit: Carissa Smart's Instagram

Photo Credit: Carissa Smart's Instagram  

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