Choosing Ethical Brands – A Little Step Yet Impactful One

Ethical Brands, Sustainability concept

Photo Credit: ESG Concept | 9-Neko Editorial 

Hearing about sustainable fashion choices is not a novel idea. We assume you have read the articles and encountered several online campaigns that promote fair trade and provide a safer working environment for garment workers. Or hear from a fashion influencer why ethical brands are better than known fast-fashion brands.

In a nutshell, the sustainable fashion choices are to choose choose environmentally-friendly and chemical-free manufacturing, so it is safe for consumers and garment workers. Fair trade and sourcing organic farming of raw materials are part of this advocacy.

ESG Concept | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Credit: ESG Concept | 9-Neko Editorial 

EGS Concept: A Way to Push Sustainable Fashion Choices

Many companies have begun to incorporate so-called Environmental, Social, and Corporate governance (EGS) concepts into their business strategies. The EGS concept is the common ground for conducting business and solving social problems. This is a way to influence the companies to alter and improve the existing policies and practices that cause social injury or environmental harm.

In addition, the Governor Bank of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, warned that companies and industries that do not move towards zero-carbon emissions will be punished by investors and go bankrupt.

Meanwhile, some foreign governments have also moved to require companies to participate in solving current environmental problems. In China, the government’s goal is to achieve zero carbon emission by 2060 (link reference). Furthermore, the Victoria State government in South-eastern Australia is moving toward zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (link reference). 

We see that the world has begun to take this seriously and is taking action. If consumers begin to reject the fashion industry's shoddy practices, we can influence the sustainability and ethics of clothing companies.


Taking Part in the Initiative

 It seems Cliché and cheesy— we need to save the planet for us and the next generation. We believe that taking a little action from everyone, such as buying goods from ethical brands, will have a significant impact on the world. Sustainable brands are generally more expensive than fast fashion brands. This is because these brands value durability and use high-quality and toxic-free materials for manufacturing. They also value the garment workers' workmanship, safety, and welfare.

Ethical brands have been increasing in the past years with the help of global platforms like Ethical Made Easy. Ethical Made Easy has been showcasing various ethical fashion brands and practices ranging from homewares, beauty care, and more through its brand directory.

Meet Basics for Basics

Basics for Basics | Sustainable Fashion Brand

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In Hong Kong, Basics for Basics mainly reduces carbon footprint by using surplus fabrics, organic cotton, and other sustainable materials. The brand also puts emphasises on the durability of every garment but does not affect the style. Comfort and style are also their top priorities, to ensure that they are likeable for people of any size.

On the other hand, fair trade is also part of its sustainable commitment. Basics for Basics clothing comes from manufacturers certified by the Fair Trade Labelling Organisation (FLO) and the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). According to the certification, the two organizations confirmed that farmers and agricultural workers earn a fair income. 

Basics for Basics focuses on daily essentials, such as T-shirts, tank tops, and sweaters with minimalist design in neutral colors. You will like this brand more because its simplicity also emphasizes social issues such as mental health and female empowerment.

They also collaborate with various artists as a platform for displaying creative works. They also work with influencers, young professionals, and business owners to spread stories of positivity and hope amidst the current pandemic. You can view some of these stories on their Facebook page.

 Basics for Basics | EGS Concept

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Photo Credit: Basics for Basics's Collaboration work | 

"SPREAD HOPE COVID STORIES", Basics for Basics"s Instagram

Baics for Basics

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2013 Miss Hong Kong Champion | Love come first

Basics for Basics | Ethical Brands

Photo Credit: Basics for Basics's Instagram | Phones down, eyes up, Talk to me

Basics for Basics

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 We look forward the NEW collaboration section from Basics and Basics, where your businesses or you can make your own design with supporting Go Green concept. 

Basics and Basics also does International shipping with reasonable shipping costs, Go Green and Go get all sustainable products from their shop

Luxury Brands Are Taking Action Too

 On the other hand, many luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and more have also built an ecosystem to advocate the sustainable concept.

Gucci's Sustainability strategy includes incorporating low-impact alternative and sustainable materials, reducing waste, switching to renewable energy solutions, and enhancing people's lives involved in the production.

Louis Vuitton's sustainability commitment includes 100% sourcing raw materials responsibly by 2025 and 0% single-use plastic by 2030. The brand claims 70% of their raw materials like leathers, exotic leathers, furs, wool, feathers, wood, and cotton are already engaged in a sustainable certification process.

Lastly, we have Prada, aiming to run its business in harmony with the places where it operates. They are continually raising environmental awareness with their staff and with third parties working with the brand. They are also committed to pushing the initiative that supports the wellbeing of each one included in the Prada family.

If you want to learn more about luxury brands' sustainability commitment, stay tuned to the next article as we'll dig deeper into how luxury brands apply sustainable practices into their next fashion move.



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