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There is no doubt that “Going Green” has become a very common topic. You can find these related contents from many reading materials, articles, advertisement, and etc. The environmental awareness has rapidly increased because of the harmful effect of climate change and global warming on the earth. 

Today, many companies inevitably ignore the costs of “climate change”. Yes, this issue is not only related to corporate social responsibility issue and impact the interests of stakeholders but is now a fact of political life. Sustainability consideration is an unavoidable trend especially to the new generation.


Photo courtesy: Beyorg's Instagram 

The green concept has also been applied to the beauty market. “Organic!” = “No Chemicals!” – ORGANIC skincare refers to products that do not contain synthetic ingredients (from sulphates to parabens to petrochemicals) - it can save your health problems and reduce the environmental impact. Many people seem to benefit from eating a healthy organic diet. In fact, knowing what nutrients to put in and on our bodies is just as important.

Why is it organic? 9-neko Editorial believes that many of you have read the similar kind of beneficial points about using organic skincare products. It sounds long-winded but you may have forgotten, here is the list for your reference:

The top reasons you should use ORGANIC Skincare products:

  • Harmless on or better for your skin as they are chemical and pesticide free
  • Non-allergenic
  • A natural and effective way to keep your skin looking
  • Cruelty free skin care product
  • Environmental-friendly which mean no toxic chemicals are washed down the drain

Despite we all know that the synthetic chemicals exposure may cause us the possibilities of health issues e.g cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, why do we still follow the marketing brands? Marketing strategies and brand influencers are our major driven for our purchase decisions. In this article, we are not trying to cause controversy between marketing and organic products, but we hopes to raise your awareness of organic brands. Natural products are not only good for our health and effective effects, but also good for building a better planet for our offspring.

BEYORG was the first well-established ORGANIC Skincare store in Hong Kong during the time when organic beauty market was yet to be popular in 2005. Time flies and Beyorg celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2020. After 16 years of operation, Beyorg has now 8 retail shops in Hong Kong and online shop for online shopping customers. They handpicks the best and fresh natural skincare products for Asian skin. 


BEYORG is not only passionate to educate local about the benefits or efficacy of ORGANIC beauty but also to introduce the best brands for all the consumers. Today, more than 20 brands from around the world are represented by BEYORG. They include:



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They offer customers with a range of products from top to bottom including skincare, body care and make up products. All products are formulated with natural and organic ingredients to naturally nourish and improve your skin. The important point is that we fully agrees with Beyorg Beauty’s following statement:

Why ORGANIC? “IF YOU WOULDN’T EAT IT, DON’T PUT IT ON YOUR SKIN” THINK ORGANIC – from BEYORG.  Beyorg Beauty believes that up to 80% of what we put on our skin goes into our organs. To help customers making the informed choice, Beyorg Beauty also shares product knowledge through conducting workshops with brand owners.

After reading this, Will you start to think carefully what products to put on your skin today?

BE ORGANIC to protect yourself and the environment.

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