Just-The-Right-Packages - Cost efficiently and environmentally friendly

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How to determine IF that is the good packaging? 

A Guideline from NextSmart Ship:

Below is the checklists to determine if your brands/the products you buy with the good packaging: 

  • Design – Can it be unpacked easily?
  • Does the packaging material meet the needs of shipping safety, product presentation, consumers’ convenience, and eco-friendly?
  • Does it pack in a simple and reasonable structures? The label and graphic design of the package are important but the shape shouldn’t be neglected. The accelerated demand of e-commerce offers the multiple packaging solutions to the end-consumers.
  • Does it eco-friendly and easy to recycle? The value of packaging material that can be used for a few times means a decrease in costs and waste.
  • Does over/under-packaging will cause you more shipping costs? Under-packaging may damaging the products and costing you more, whereas over packaging may ending up with a lot of waste.
  • The disadvantages of over-packaging:
    1. Extra weight added by packaging materials
    2. Volumetric weight / dimensional weight
    3. Waste material
  • JUST-RIGHT-packaging – use lightweight material; use the right filler to provide uniform support; organize the products inside in the right way



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