Madola-The-Label: The Brand for Fashion-Forward Women

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Photo Courtesy: Madola The Label

There is something eye-catching and exciting with a woman looking so confident wearing her figure-hugging, daring dress. Especially if it brings out a sophisticated vibe and emphasises her sexy hourglass shape body. We always adore that kind of woman, don't we?

Regardless if you are a man or a woman, she seems the one you would want to hang out with over coffee to swap stories because of her vibrant energy.

For some ladies, selecting the ideal dress could be time-consuming and baffling. Ladies tend to have many criteria to follow—the price tag should be right, the skin tone should match, or the type of fabric should be ideal for the occasion. There are numerous things girls go through.

So, in today's article, we'll introduce you to Madola-the-label, an Australian fashion label created for fun, fashion-forward women. Because here at 9-Neko, we are all about supporting and showcasing women—her craft, her achievements, her confidence, and her journey.

By sharing these, we create a ripple effect that helps other women stay confident and inspired to pursue their true selves.

Meet Madola-The-Label and Its Creator

Madola The Label | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Madola-The-Label 

Madola The Label

Photo Courtesy: Madola-The-Label 

Madola-The-Label is an Australian fashion label created for fun, fashion-forward women. The brand has participated in few fashion shows in Sydney, including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.

 Madola-The-Label focuses on intricate fabrics and unique silhouettes without compromising quality and comfort. It offers women access to pieces with a distinct edge that will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

It is the brainchild of Ashani Madola, a fashion designer based in Canberra, Australia, and a graduate of Raffles Design Institute in the Singapore Campus. After obtaining her degree in fashion design, she worked for NAYOMI (in Dubai), an established nightwear brand in the Middle East.

Ashani shares that she always wanted to have her own brand, but time did not permit as she worked full-time. When she moved to Australia she saw an opportunity, in 2017 Madola-The-Label's finally come to fruition after doing a series of the groundwork for over a year.

Ashani's team initially started with a concept of having bra constrictions inside the dresses so her clients don't have to look for the perfect bra to go with the dresses. Also, she shares that sometimes it may be too hard to find the perfect bra that goes with the dress, especially with backless dresses.

What Sets Madola-The-Label Apart

9-Neko Editorial | Madola

Photo Courtesy: Madola-The-Label 

 When asked how she wants to make her customers feel when they wear Madola-The-Label dresses, she wants them to feel comfortable and stylish.

 The competitive world of business and fashion requires a whole lot of constant creativity and uniqueness. Starting out, she thought complex designs are fundamental. But with time, she realized that comfort is vital. "If you are comfortable, you are confident. So, we want our customers to be comfortable and stylish" she said.

 If you have browsed through Madola-The-Label's online catalog, their dresses are classy, dressy, and uniquely styled. The body-hugging pieces are so pretty, perfect for achieving a glamorous yet effortless look.

 Where Is Madola-The-Label Now

Madola The Label

Photo Courtesy: Madola-The-Label 

Madola The Label | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Madola-The-Label 

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting, the work-from-home setup became the new normal, which sparked the demand for casual wear. So now, the brand is leaning towards casual wear, which is "effortless and comfortable," as Ashani describes it. "I guess fashion is ever-changing," she adds.

Currently, they offer a lounge set: cropped hooded jumper and full-length sweatpants with a high elastic waist and functional pockets. The lounge set is ideal for quick workout sessions at home and decent enough as work-from-home office attire.

Meanwhile, when asked about some styling tips, she shares: "I believe style is what you make out of with what you have. How you wear what you have in your wardrobe. It is very personal; there's no right or wrong. It's all about expressing yourself through clothing. I believe everybody has a style, just like having our own personality. So, embrace it, and we should all have fun while doing it. "


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