WE Are "One Roof" for wildly, Ambitious, courageous and smart Women

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How one roof is founded?

One Roof was founded inadvertently by initially implementing a spontaneous meeting as a test pop-up co-working space in an Airbnb mansion in St Kilda.

One Roof was cofounded by Sheree Rubinstein and Gianna Wurzl who both met through their relentless ambition to empower women and help them thrive in their and careers all under one roof.

One Roof Photo credit: One roof's Instagram 

About "One Roof" Network

The community consists of many notable entrepreneurial women helping other career-minded women in one platform. It’s a place where for both career pros and side-hustlers alike learn to become more self-sufficient and more business savvy. It’s where entrepreneurs exchange ideas on independence and resilience with other freelancers all under one roof. It’s a professional network for the new age of the great resignation, the new gig-economy, and the other similar innumerable ways to independently reach financial freedom.

 One Roof Photo credit: One roof's Instagram 

What is the purpose of one roof?

We Are "One Roof" offers a digital membership for modern career women to find solutions for modern day problems. "One Roof" supports women with welcome packages of in-depth insight in an all-encompassed ebook and numerous masterclasses that serve as a beacon to boost women’s businesses, improve women’s services, and upscale women’s sales. They help women become more proactive by providing the right business tools and winning strategies for them to launch high-converting new businesses and find new prospective clients as well as future co-workers. In turn, elevate their business status and ignite their position in the marketplace. They encourage women to be comfortable with change because with change comes growth. We inspire women to task smart small business risks that eventually pay off in the long run.

One Roof

One Roof's Vision 

The founders vision is to have Australia’s best and brightest female leaders and entrepreneurs all under One Roof.  

One Roof's Mission

One Roof helps women revive their self-confidence and reinvent success on their own terms through inspirational stories and practical workshops. Their mission is to expand your network with weekly curated networking groups held by industry leaders to provide you with the right tools you need in order to succeed.

During lockdown, One Roof gives the gift that keeps on giving by providing support to all of our members through connection, community and shared experience. They have an open invitation that’s for only $47 monthly which includes the foundation and the building tools of business success, from start to finish.




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