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Jess King – An Interview With a well-known plus size Model

(based in Australia) 

Jessica King – one of the leading body positive influencers in the Australia fashion industry today.  She earned her reputation by helping bring to change the beauty norms of society.

Jess continues to prove that true beauty has no label and size, she has been famous for the national fashion campaigns, international fashion spreads such as Cosmopolitan, and has successfully made her way through London, Malaysia, England, Germany, and her home country, Australia.

She is a plus-size model born in Perth and is currently residing in Melbourne. She originally studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree, but turned to modeling after winning a model search contest at Melbourne’s Spring Fashion Week. She has signed with international fashion model agency, Bella Management.

9-Neko Editorial is very happy to have this opportunity of being granted an interview with one of the industry’s leading plus size models, Jess King. Read on to see how amazing Jess is! Good on you Jess and we are so proud of you! 

It can be seen that the charm of every woman comes from their confidence, not from their size and what they wear. 

9-Neko Ediitorial | Plus Size Model - Jessica King

Photo Credit: Jessica King's Instagram 

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I studied at a Performing Arts university as an attempt to pursue acting, but I fell in love with modeling after I won in a modeling competition as part of Melbourne’s Spring Fashion Week.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of meeting you! I heard about your story from the ASI event. You mentioned that you were initially sad about your body size when you started pursuing modeling. How did you get past it?

 I definitely struggled with accepting my body size for a long time. I did everything I could to lose weight and stay slim. Eventually I changed my mindset when I started modeling as a plus size model and started receiving validation for my natural size. I started to focus on being healthy and keeping fit at my natural size.

How did you get into plus size modeling?

I have been a plus size model since 2011 after winning Melbourne’s Spring Fashion Week’s search for “Real Models”.  The process of the runway event was really fun and exciting and that was something I loved enough to pursue more modeling opportunities. I signed with Bella Management not long after that, and I’m really thankful because they nurtured me and helped me develop who I am as a model today.

Personally, I think you look really great and healthy! How do you maintain your diet and size?

I do workouts regularly at the gym and I eat relatively healthy. I’m not a fan of diets and I will indulge when I want to – I love chocolate – but I know how to balance my cravings. Balance is key – if I want to eat a burger for dinner, I will make sure that I exercise beforehand.

What are your thoughts about the term “plus size”? Does it affect you when people call you that?

The biggest argument against the definition is the fact that calling perfectly healthy women “plus size” is sending the wrong message to the younger generation- insinuating that anything bigger than a size 8/10 is abnormal or bigger than it should be. I am not offended by the definition. I understand it is simply an industry term that was used to help clients when booking models. I know that there is nothing wrong with me- “plus size model” is simply my career title- nothing else.

Do you think that social media changes the perception of the “plus size” industry? How has the plus size blogging world changed since you started out?

Plus size bloggers have always been supportive of us plus size models, unfortunately, they don’t seem to have the same influence, following or attention as mainstream bloggers such as Garry Pepper Girl and Margaret Zhang.

9-Neko Editorial | Plus size Model - Jessica King

Photo Credit: Jessica King's Instagram 

You’ve been quite successful as a body positive model in this industry. You have 132k followers in Instagram and you’ve been featured on top fashion magazines such as Ella. What is it about you and your style that attracts people? Do you think it’s important for women to feel confident about what they wear?

I try my best to be as real and honest as possible and I think a lot of people can relate to that. Personally, I think every woman has the right to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. Size does not define beauty and it’s important that we promote that.

Do you think the plus size fashion market is growing?

It is definitely growing, there is a lot of money to be made and I think fashion brands are starting to recognize that. It would be great for more mainstream brands to think about catering to larger women too.

There are a lot of curvy women who want to dive into the plus size fashion industry. Can you give them some advice based on your experience?

Modeling is a difficult industry no matter what your size is. Just be confident, you will experience a lot of rejection but you have to remember that what’s important is that at the end of the day, you are healthy and happy. Logistically, if you want to become a model, I would suggest contacting agencies in near areas and start by sending in your measurements and clear, natural photos.

Lastly, any style tips for curvy women?

Don’t feel that you have to listen to what society tells you what you can or cannot wear. They say larger women shouldn’t wear stripes, whites, or cropped tops – forget about all that and wear what you love and what makes you confident and comfortable. If you feel good about what you’re wearing then that is all that matters!

Thank you for your time! Your Instagram account mentions that you work hard for your cats and that you love garlic bread – that is so adorable!

Be confident, Be yourself, Be Influential

We are so proud of you! 


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