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Perfume Playground | 9-Neko Editorial

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Do you love fragrance? Even if you are not a big fan of perfumes, we guess you’ll change your mind once you’ve found a scent that truly represents you. You deserve to have a customised scent made especially for you.  

Are ready for a fragrance refresh? Do you like natural, floral, or nostalgia feel?

If you know what you like, why don’t you make a scent = for yourself? We’ve found a workshop that may be perfect for you: Perfume Playground’s Design your own Signature Scent Workshop. If you love essential oils and natural fragrances, this fun activity is for you. Each scent is designed with native plants, flower essence, cruelty-free, vegan and 100% natural. 

Perfume Playground | 9-Neko editorial

Photo Courtesy: Perfume Playground's Instagram 

Perfume Playground’s Scent Workshop is a two-hour-long sensory journey where guests discover, play, and create with scent and flower essences. You’ll be guided by a scent expert, introducing you to the basic building blocks of natural fragrance design— you will learn about scent composition, blending, and scaling your very own scent design.

Surrender to the Creative Process

Perfume Playground’s team introduce you to the curated scent bar. Everyone has an opportunity to smell over 80 naturally-derived top, middle and base notes, the highest quality essential oils, resins, isolates, and compounded natural isolates in the world.

Photo Courtesy: Perfume Playground's Instagram 

We know wearing fragrance not only represents your character but also positively affects your body and mind. You’ll be able to reset your mood with your chosen scents.

You may design a citrus floral fragrance combination like Bergamot and Jasmine, a fruity floral like Lily of the Valley and Apricot, a floral woody scent like Mimosa and Cedarwood and more. You’ll also learn about the equipment needed in traditional perfume-making—all the tools and materials required to create your own perfume will be provided.

Why do we Love Perfume Playground?

Frankly speaking, there is no perfect person, but we always think that women are amazing. This is why we always look to interview successful women and share their success stories with our audiences.

Perfume Playground's Vision: we envision world where everybody feels their best -physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. They believe scent with the ability to inspire, connect, and be wholly life enhancing. 

Perfume Playground | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Perfume Playground's Founder, Samantha Copland, instagram 

Perfume Playground's Instagram | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Perfume Playground's Founder, (on the right) Samantha Copland: instagram 

By having the chance to meet Samantha Copland, the founder & Scent Designer, a woman entrepreneur and also hold a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology & Psychology and Performance Music. You’ll be amazed by how she used her passion for education, scent, and science and turned it into the Perfume Playground.

We are inspired by how Samantha weaved all her interests into a platform where fun, camaraderie, creativity, learning, and new experiences thrive. We admire women who dare to turn their big dreams into a reality.

If you are interested, the Perfume Playground can host you a private perfume party or you can join the  Design your own Signature Scent Workshops on the following dates. Check their website for further information.

Design your own signature scent - 15 May & 26 June

Native & Wild Solid Perfume -23 May

Masterclass – Full day of Fragrance – 19 June

Perfume & Gin – Sunday 6 June

She always ensure that ï»żall of her staffs are well-trained and stay passionately abreast international trends and techniques in fragrance, technology, art therapy and wellbeing, and hence well-transformed the knowledge and techniques to the participants. 

Perfume Playground | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Perfume Playground's Instagram 


Perfume Playground can also organise one bespoke workshop for you based on the event requirements (read stories). 

Photo Courtesy: Perfume Playground's Instagram; Forever New workshop

Photo Courtesy: Perfume Playground's Instagram; Forever New workshop

Photo Courtesy: Perfume Playground's Instagram; Forever New workshop

Meanwhile, Samantha and her team have a new product addition Tadaima –a home fragrance diffuser. From the centre of the diffuser, a suspended disc gently shares the fragrance into the environment without heat, flame, or electricity. Check this link to find out more about the product.

Perfume Playground's Diffuser | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Tadaima - A home Fragrance Diffuser, Perfume Playground website 

The team is expanding its business and loves to make new and innovative sensory experiences and bringing the best products to its customers.  Let's experience the making the natural scents for yourself at Perfume Playground. 


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