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Photo Credit: The founder, Lauren Di Bartolo, Instagram

The Australian Style Institute, a premiere institute in Victoria, Australia for fashion styling, has opened its new campus last few years called Style Space, and we sat down with its founder, Lauren Di Bartolo, to tell us more about it.

Photo Credit: The founder, Lauren Di Bartolo, Instagram


Photo Credit: The founder, Lauren Di Bartolo, Instagram

Starting from a visual merchandising job with a background for fashion, Lauren transitioned over to personal fashion styling and ran her own styling business successfully for years, developing her own unique approach to styling that addresses the personal styling as well as emotional needs of her clients, and making a name for herself as well as generating a huge demand for services all over Australia.

With her success and her own personal approach to styling, Lauren decided that since styling is a niche that has fast growing demands for personal stylists, she can fill the needs by taking it on herself to train future fashion stylists that are successful and can achieve clients’ needs just like she did.

Photo Credit: Australian Style Institute website 

Australian Style Institute was founded in 2007 after mentoring people in the styling industry who asked Lauren to create a course after noticing that there was an absence of the skills required to be a professional stylist. Combining her skills in multiple design disciplines with her expertise in human behavior and vast industry experience, Lauren created a new approach to training fashion stylists incorporating her unique styling methods.  

 Australian Style Institute Campus 

The ASI offers the training, mentoring and support aspiring stylists need to succeed in Australia’s thriving style and image industry. Its method of styling is founded in critical principles of human behavior – enabling professional stylists to offer a unique perspective on styling that empowers the individual.


Photo Credit: Australian Style Institute website 

Courses are based on experiential training where students learn technical aspects of styling and at the same time experience its impact in a hands-on classroom environment where they’re connected with industry professionals and opportunities.

We noticed that your campus applies the “Transformational Styling” as the main teaching technique as you believe psychology and styling have a big relation to each other.

How did you find the connection between these two elements? Did you study any Psychology course as well?  

Lauren: Personal styling is a reflection of our identity as humans and within our identity is a series of beliefs, rules and thoughts around why we can and can’t wear what we choose to wear. Every element of the personal styling experience is impacted by a human behaviour. I undertook human behaviour studies to understand why we work the way we work and better understand my clients on a transformational level. All of my learning’s are now a critical part of what we teach at Australian Style Institute.

Many might be wondering, why is having a stylist important? What makes this an important role?

Lauren: Stylists are not just there to help us find clothing. Although it’s still a very important part of the job, given that our clients lead busy lives and don’t need to deal with scanning the shops for days. Going to an expert not only saves us time and money (avoiding the hoards of people and ill-advised purchases), but more importantly helps us to understand ourselves and our style even more. As humans, we often distort 30-40% to the negative, which means we’re often looking at ourselves with critical eyes, without having a better solution in place.”

What do you think and believe the most important criteria must have as a professional stylist in general? Do you think the elements of Style and Fashion are not separable?

Lauren: The most important criteria for a professional stylist is curiosity. Stylists need to understand that fashion is an opinion and while we might have a pre-defined idea of what great fashion is, each client is different and it’s important that we respect that. Fashion and style are linked and yet not the same. Style expresses the values of an individual and fashion is a physical way to demonstrate that.

Photo Credit: Australian Style Institute website 

Aside from success in the business front in terms of the large number of students, the Australian Style Institute aspires to empower individuals through education, nurture and develop them into passionate individuals, and to inspire others to learn more, do more and become more.


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