Support Local Business: 8 Local Australian Fashion & Accessories Labels


8 Local Australian Fashion & Accessories Labels | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo courtesy: 8 Australian Local Fashion Labels (collaged by 9-Neko Editorial) 

  8 Australian Local Fashion Labels

Photo courtesy: 8 Australian Local Fashion Labels (collaged by 9-Neko Editorial) 


8 Local Fashion & Accessories Labels That Deserve Your Support Amid the Pandemic

While the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over, this global health crisis alone shouldn't be enough to make you stop enjoying the many things that life has to offer. Yes, times may be tough and we can't go out as much as we want to, but we can still love life and support others from the comfort and safety of our own homes!

The retail fashion industry has taken a big hit lately, and it's sad that SME businesses are struggling to stay afloat or altogether closing down during these tough times. And with our local SME's having trouble, it's them and ultimately, their employees, that suffer without the support they need. 

Every one of us love fashion, so we encourage everyone to purchase from these 8 local labels to help them recover from the difficult times in 2020. As the pandemic seems to be over soon, and soon we will get back to normal life, these labels offer a wide array of stylish and chic clothing that may be the best and ideal choices for your upcoming uncountable parties in 2021!

We've curated 8 local labels below, all of which are very deserving of our support. Each of these platforms offer a selection of fashion picks centered around their customers' needs. Two Sisters The Label and Showpo, for instance, cater to providing women with stylish dresses suited for weddings and other formal occasions while Ayla & Oak provides chic fashion accessories. S & Co specializes in sleep time accessories while Shona Joy offers stylish clothing options with a focus on bohemian glamour. Meanwhile, Billy J Boutique, Sheike and Style Struck offer an array of fashionable choices from head-to-toe. So whether you're preparing for a formal event like a wedding, or a more casual party and get-together with your friends, shop from these labels to show them some love, and step out looking cool, chic and gorgeous - just in time for partying!



Showpo | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Showpo 

Founded in 2010 by Jane Lu, Showpo is Australia's leading global fashion company catering to the fashion, beauty and lifestyle needs of the next generation of modern, young women. Jane impressively took Showpo from a garage start-up to a fashion business with global reach through content marketing in social media channels.

Two Sisters The Label 

Two Sisters The Label | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Two Sisters The Label 

Started by two sisters - Ruby and Pauline - in Adelaide, SA, the label designs chic and aesthetically-pleasing dresses for women of all ages, with an emphasis on fashion for weddings and special occasions. The brand also produces their stylish designs with ethically-sourced materials that are manufactured in overseas factories, which they audit twice a year to make sure factory workers are in comfortable working conditions with fair wages.

S & Co 

S & Co | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: S & Co 

S&Co makes sleeping time a deluxe, lavish experience with their range of sleep time accessories crafted from luxurious Mulberry silk. The brand aims to provide its users with the best quality of sleep and relaxation with its luxurious silk pillowcases, hair scrunchies and sleep masks - all made from premium, high grade 19-30 momme silk that help reduce redness and puffiness.


Alya & Oak 

Ayla & Oak | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Alya & Oak 

An online boutique based in Sydney, Ayla & Oak curates stylish accessories and trendy clothing for both casual and special occasions. They also specialize in bridal accessories, with a wide array of classy and chic pieces for the modern bridal party. Besides jewelry, hair accessories and clothing, this très chic boutique also offers aesthetic prints, crystals, card holders and jewelry cases that are ideal gift items!

Billy J Boutique 

Billy J Boutique | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Billy J Boutique 

One of the leading online fashion boutiques in Australia, Billy J Boutique was founded in 2014 with headquarters in the Sunshine Coast. Billy J offers a plethora of stylish fashion choices ranging from special occasion dresses, casual or workwear clothing, chic footwear, makeup, accessories and lifestyle pieces with a focus on affordable shopping choices for the modern woman.


Sheike | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Sheike 

What started off as a simple t-shirt stand has successfully grown over the years with over 40 stores nationwide, along with a strong global e-commerce presence. Sheike is a premier online fashion shopping destination for women of all ages, offering a wide variety of affordable, fashionable choices for everyday and special occasion outfits. 

Style Struck 

Style Struck | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Style Struck 

Established in 2015 and previously known as Nouveau Riche Boutique, Style Struck is a Brisbane-based online boutique and one of the leading go-to destinations for all things fashion. The online boutique curates clothing pieces with a focus on bohemian chic trends that's suitable for women of all ages. They also have a wide selection of dresses ideal for semi-formal and formal occasions, as well as accessories and chic, footwear choices. They also boast of impressive customer service and affordable shop now, pay later options.

Shona Joy 

Shona Joy | 9-Neko Editorial

Photo Courtesy: Shona Joy 

Founded in 2000 by Shona Joy Thatcher, what started off with humble beginnings selling hand-painted designs in Paddington Beach and Paddington Market quickly grew to evolve into a Sydney-based label that designs 70's bohemian glamour pieces with an emphasis on sustainable fashion. This online boutique curates chic, casual pieces with their boho aesthetic as well as more formal dresses for weddings and special occasions. Aside from their sustainable fashion practice, Shona Joy also supports a number of charities through their different collections.




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