The Future Trend: Australia's Sustainable Skincare Brands are the mainstream in the beauty Industry🖤🌳

Grown Alchemist

Photo Credit: Grown Alchemist; Anti-Pollution Mist 

The trend: The revolution of generation, the majority Millennials and Gen-Z shifts toward in response to impact consumptions on natural, plant-based and environmental-friendly products. The surging demand for clean and sustainable skincare is because current consumers have also looked closely into the value put on and into their bodies, as well as, they understand that their purchase decisions on the animal-friendly will eventually make a better future for the generation.

The Fact: Many beauty products in the consumer market are made with chemical ingredients that hurt our skin on day-by-day basis. With potential of increasing financial stress after the Covid-19 disrupting, we may assume that spending less on environmental-friendly products. According to the market research firm, Ipsos Mori, the study found that 65% of the population from the survey shows that consumers still focus on greener, better, and more sustainable options.

For example: these days, many skincare/ beauty influencers only promote the cruelty-free brands to their audiences.

Statistics: Virtual Beauty app Perfect365’s data revealed that 36% of women within the survey population, 15k women encourage to buy from Cruelty-free cosmetics brands (King. A, Cosmetics Business, 2018)

Sensori +

Photo Credit: Sensori + , Facial Skincare Collection 

Sensori +

Photo Credit: Sensori +, Wiruna Night 2850 


For Conscious Choice, Harmony, and a Greener Future

This brand has the commitment to providing the highest level of efficacy and bringing you another level of sensory experience. Sensori + also is committed to using pure ingredients, safe, and environment-friendly formula. It’s a brand that aims to harmonise science, nature, and pleasure.

Their product line ranges from facial skincare, fragrance, bath and body, and hand care essentials. We just thought you’ll love their Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Skincare Ritual; it is a skincare set designed to eliminate the pollution particles from the skin’s surface. It has received a good number of 5-star reviews from its patrons. It is clean, vegan, and Australian-made. 


Fre Skincare

Photo Credit: FRÉ Skincare, 123 FRÉ set 


Created and Formulated Especially for Women Who Workout

If you work out a lot and have experienced your face cream melts with your oily sweat, then this skincare brand is for you. FRÉ Skincare is specially formulated to cater to the personal athletic, aesthetic, and functional needs of women with an active lifestyle.

They have 100% vegan and cruelty-free facial and body cleansers, moisturisers, serum, and more to keep your skin healthy and glowing as you do your part in keeping your body in shape. After all, nobody wants that tacky, creamy, and sweaty feeling during their workout session.

They also plant an Argan tree to help replenish the endangered Argan forest in Morocco and support the women who harvest the Argan oil whenever you buy a FRÉ Skincare set.


Grown Alchemist

The biology of Beautiful skin 
Meet Grown Alchemist has been making names in the skincare realm, thanks to its scientifically innovative formulas. The brand also works in synergy with several professional disciplines to make sure that every product works in helping the body reverse the signs of aging.

It uses organic ingredients that are carefully selected and known for its high antioxidants. It is lauded by many known personalities in the fashion and beauty industries for its efficacy. It is clean, toxic-free, cruelty, and Australian-made.


Kora Organics

Kora Organics
Bringing Transformative Difference to People’s Skin
Meet Miranda Kerr’s very own skincare brand, the Kora Organics. As an International model, a mother, and who is passionate about nutrition, health, and wellbeing, she knew better how healthy skin is essential.

Kora Organics was founded in hopes of offering a healthier alternative and transformative difference to people’s skin. It uses certified organic and natural products that detoxify, nourish, and revitalise your skin effectively.

The brand has received various awards, including Elle International Beauty Awards, Allure Best of Beauty Award, Harper’s Bazaar 2020 Anti-Aging Awards, and Cleo Singapore Beauty Hall of Fame.

 Bangn Body

Photo Credit: Bangn Body, Firming and Brightening Beauty Treatment 


Bangn Body

Photo Credit: Bangn Body, Firming and Brightening Beauty Treatment 


Uncomplicated Skincare Products Brimming with Nourishing Formulas

Here’s the Bangn Body aims to provide us uncomplicated skincare products brimming with botanical body nourishing formulas. Currently, their products include a hydrating facial cleanser, firming & brightening beauty serums, firming lotions, smooth skin scrub, and lip & eye beauty balm—all containing the good stuff our skin needs.

They pride themselves on keeping your skin away from silicones, parabens, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, PEGs, chemical UV filters, petrolatum, or synthetic colours in their products. It’s clean, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and Australian-owned and made.

The ordinary

Photo Credit: The ordinary, "Buffet" - Multi-Technology Peptide Serum 

Where Innovative Clinical Formulations and Integrity Meet

If you are looking for certified vegan, affordable, and effective skincare products, it is the brand The Ordinary that you need to try out. This skincare brand brings a great deal of attention to providing innovative clinical formulation and integrity to its consumers.

Plus, all products within The Ordinary are certified vegan by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and no animal testing is done. Meanwhile, they sold more than one product every second in 2020.

Lady Suite

Photo Credit: Lady Suite, Protect your pH set: for Harmony down south 

Helping Women Deal with Their Problems Down There

Here’s the Lady suite dedicated to helping women deal with their problems down there. Because let’s face it, we tend to be insecure about it sometimes. Lady suite is here to help us deal with our girl problems like ingrown hairs, razor burn, PH problems, dryness, and the like.

Lady suite believes that what we have down there as a woman deserves heaps of celebration and respect. That is why only ingredients from trustworthy and sustainable sources are used.

Their product is dermatologist-tested gluten-free, vegan, and tested on ladies (not animals). The brand also works with progressive women’s health experts and biochemists to develop its product line.


Hey Bud Skincare

Photo Credit: Hey Bud Skincare; Hemp Face Oil 


Bringing the Magical Properties of Hemp

Hey Bud Skincare brings us the magical properties of hemp (a variety of Cannabis Sativa plant). The brand uses hemp’s natural oil that helps in moderating oil production and keeping the face at perfect moisture.

Hey Bud’s Hemp Clay Mask has now received almost 2000 positive reviews on its website. It contains the goodness of hemp seed oil, kaolin clay, aloe vera, matcha tea, almond oil, and avocado oil that helps skin stay moisturised, clean, balanced, protected, glowing, and hydrated.

You can check the website to learn about the good things about this brand. Plus, Hey Bud is vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

The future trend is clearly towards sustainability concept and somethings that we can't escape for the new generation who care for the environment and hope to give good for the communities. Living an impactful life is important. 

We hope you like our skincare list and found something to your liking. If you have some product recommendations, you may reach us on our Instagram: 9.neko_editorial and tell us about your favourite brands and why you like them.


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