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Grommed to Go, Non-Profit Organisation 

Bringing Life to Old, Wearable Clothes with Groomed to Go 


We all have those pieces of clothing that have long been kept in our wardrobes because they no longer fit in our bodies or no longer appropriate for our current lifestyle.

If you happen to own some pieces of clothing you no longer wear yet still flawless and wearable, perhaps you can donate them.

For ladies out there who have just purged their wardrobe yet don’t want them ending up in landfills or don’t know what to do next, this is an opportunity to make those clothes still useful.

9-Neko Editorial x Groomed to go Inc


The 9-Neko Editorial collaborates with Groomed to Go for a pre-loved clothing donation activity. This collaboration is important to us as this may open an avenue for some women to flourish in work and life while also helping the environment. As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”


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Meet Groomed to Go

Groomed to Go is a non-profit organisation with a mission to help individuals achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and development tools so they could thrive in work and in life.

They help men and women access appropriate clothing for their current circumstances, regardless if it is for job-seeking or starting a new life following incarceration, homelessness, or domestic violence.

The organisation specialises in providing free personalised support such as interview techniques, resume-building, skills-enhancement workshops, to name a few. The goal is to help individuals gain back self-worth and confidence.

Currently, the organisation has help men and women of different backgrounds across the world gain back their dignity and start anew. You can be part of this initiative too! 

Grommed to go | 9-Neko Editorial

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Wherever You Are, You Can Help Too

If you happen to own clothes that are nearly new, contemporary, ready to wear, and seasonal, Groomed to Go will happily accept them so they can be useful again. They also would love to receive women’s professional attire or career-appropriate clothes in all sizes.

But before sending your clothes for donation, check out the donation guidelines here.

If you are in Australia and wanted to send your donations, you can reach out 9-Neko's Instagram / email us to know the details of where to send them.

 Groomed to go | 9-Neko Editorial

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Learn More with Groomed to Go

On the other hand, the organisation also welcomes volunteers and offers some opportunities to showcase and hone your skills. This is also a chance to build new connections, learn new skills, gain more exposure career-wise, and work with people of different backgrounds. To know more, you can check here.

In addition, they also offer free career-enhancing workshops via Zoom, such as Resume writing and Preparing for Interviews Workshops to promote your skills and answer those difficult behavioural questions during job interviews. Check here to learn more.

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