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Vitamin is a natural component found in food and is essential for many bodily functions. They also keep our bodies healthy.

Several studies have indicated that specific vitamins can protect the body cells and tissues from damage caused by natural body processes, certain lifestyle choices, environmental stresses, and correct the damage caused to the skin due to chronologic ageing and photoageing ¹.

Skincare products typically contain vitamins as active ingredients. If you are thinking of adding new vitamins to your skincare stash, today’s article will discuss the strengths of vitamins and how they help our skin. We hope that this article will be informative enough to help you with your decision-making.

Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vitamin A | 9-Neko Editorial

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Vitamin A or retinol is among the most essential ingredients used in skincare products. It is an antioxidant and skin-restoring ingredient used to improve skin texture, firmness, smoothness, and other signs of ageing.

If you something to help you with the already showing signs of ageing, this vitamin may help you. A 2010 study reveals that vitamin A shows anti-wrinkle effects and promotes collagen production 2.

Plus, some sources indicate that topical application of vitamin A prevents skin dryness, scaliness, and infection. That is why vitamin A has been used to treat psoriasis. It can also help with acne, photodamage, striae, cellulite, and aid in wound healing 4.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

Vitamin B3 | 9-Neko Editorial

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Vitamin B3 is present in many food sources and can have 2 chemical forms: niacin and niacinamide. Niacinamide is most heard in the skincare realm as it is brimming with skin benefits, especially in improving the early signs of ageing

It is said to help in visibly reducing enlarged pores and improve uneven or dull skin tone 5. Additionally, several studies indicate that topical application of niacinamide improves the surface structure, reducing the fine line and wrinkles. On the other hand, if you have issues with hyperpigmented spots, red blotchiness, and skin sallowness (yellowing), this essential vitamin can also help you with those.

It is also said to demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects in acne and rosacea. It can even prevent skin cancer 6 7. Meanwhile, another research reveals that niacinamide displays antioxidant effects, protecting skin cells from oxidative stress and helps repair damaged DNA 8. So with these abundant benefits, no wonder this is commonly found in many skincare products.

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is a common ingredient found in many skincare products known for its antioxidant and skin-restoring benefits. It improves numerous skin issues, such as enhancing the look and feel of multiple signs of ageing and uneven skin tone. 

In fact, vitamin C plays an essential role in collagen production, contributing to achieving healthy skin. Furthermore, a topically applied vitamin C is highly efficient for rejuvenation therapy and is safe in all age groups9. It is also said to increase collagen production, stabilising collagen fibres, and decreasing collagen degradation.

If you need to go outdoors and worry about sun exposure, some studies noted the promising ability of vitamin C to provide protection. It has a broad-spectrum photo protectant, which can protect the skin against photoageing, ultraviolet-induced immunosuppression, and skin cancer 10 11. So vitamin C can help you be safer when you need to go out for some sun.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that stress is commonly experienced, and sometimes it shows on our skin. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and can neutralise oxidative stress. Some sources also noted how it works synergistically with Vitamin E in protecting from oxidative damage. It serves as its primary replenisher 12.

Vitamin C offers numerous health wonders that can be a preventive means for patients suffering from various skin diseases.


Vitamin D

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Vitamin D is also called the sunshine vitamin as it is formed in the skin through sun exposure. It can also be obtained through oral supplementation and dietary intake. Sources say it plays an essential role in calcium absorption, bone growth, and muscle function.

For those suffering from acne, vitamin D contains antimicrobial that may calm the bacteria through topical application. In addition, It also has anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce inflammation through supplementation 13.

Meanwhile, another study reveals vitamin D has been introduced for the treatment of psoriasis. It is also said to profoundly affect the immune system and various tissues protection against cancer and other diseases, including autoimmune and infectious diseases 14.

Although sun exposure is the primary source of this essential vitamin, it can also be a dilemma as it is a known carcinogen, leading to skin cancer15. With this, too much sun exposure, especially around midday, should be avoided. Using sunscreen and protective clothes and glasses is essential.

Vitamin E

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Vitamin E is another well-known ingredient used in many cosmetic and skincare products. It is a fat-soluble antioxidant that is vital for achieving healthy skin. In addition, Alpha-tocopherol is the form that best meets the dietary requirements of humans out of its 8 chemical constitutes 16.

Vitamin E offers photoprotection, preventing UV-induced free radical damage to the skin. In addition, some studies revealed that it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can fight off signs of skin inflammation such as swelling, thickness, redness, or rash 17.

Meanwhile, some scientific literature mentions that vitamin E could be a therapeutic tool for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and other dermatological issues.


Vitamin K

Vitamin K | 9-Neko Editorial

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Sources say that Vitamin K helps in blood clotting, which aids the body in healing wounds and bruises. It is also crucial for healthy bones and other bodily functions. In fact, research suggests that topical application of Vitamin K significantly reduces healing time in patients 18.

In addition, vitamin K may also help you deal with certain skin conditions like stretch marks, spider veins, dark spots, and stubborn circles under your eyes 19. In fact, a study evaluated the efficacy of an eye counter pad containing caffeine and vitamin K. The result shows that pad containing vitamin K shows the skin around the right eye of all the subjects experienced a reduction in the depth of wrinkles and dark circles. In addition, the appearance and elasticity of the skin were improved 20.

Vitamins Do Wonders 

Vitamins do wonders for our bodies. It is essential not just for our skin health but to our overall bodily functions.

To sum up, vitamins A, B3, and C help improve skin’s texture, firmness, and smoothness. And help us deal with early signs of aging. In addition, vitamin E, the sunshine vitamin, can reduce inflammation, calcium absorption, and bone growth. Lastly, we can benefit from vitamin K as it aids the body in healing wounds, thereby reducing the healing time.

Whether it is a topical application or oral supplementation, the vitamins indeed help our skin. However, please don’t forget that eating a healthy, balanced diet and doing physical activities are effective ways to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Another secret is to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Water removes toxins and plays a vital role in skin moisture. Keeping our emotional and mental health in check is also essential to achieving overall health.

With this, we hope that this article will help you with your skincare goals. Stay healthy and beautiful!


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