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Photo Credit: Mukta Kandpal's Blog post 

Style Icon: Mukta Kandpal, Fashion Blogger from New York. 

Our gorgeous Style Icon, Mukta Kandpal is definitely a must-follow "High Street Fashion Blogger". If you love High Street Fashion, you can get a lot of related and updated trends from her blog page. These are the brands (ASOS, Mango, H&M, and etc) that you can usually find from her daily outfits.

9-Neko editorial believes Style is very personal. Your chic looks do not depend on the brands you choose but it is related to how you going to dress it to match with your characteristics. Of course, "Confidence" is the key to looking good because we always need to feel confident about what we wear.

Is faux fur better than real fur? From Mukta Kandpal's new post on her blog page, where she has put her point of view about the dilemma as to which fur to wear. Is faux fur that causing a  higher negative environmental impact?  or real fur but that killing animals for their fur? The argument between selecting between sustainable and cruelty-free products is a very endless and dilemma topic. Anyhow, the talented blogger, Mukta Kandpal has given a recommendation: We should choose carefully what the public information we should be believed in and use our own rational judgment to make the final decisions.

The Key point here is, whether faux fur or real fur, Mukta Kandpal uses her sense of personal style to wear the outfit in her own unique style.

Her outfits: Sunnies from; Cucci, Coat from; Mango, Top from; H&M, Shoes from; Mango; and Bag from; Fendi.

Follow our style icon, Mukta Kandpal's blog page to know more about her style.



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