Be your own kind of beautiful 🖤💄👜

Salina Chai

Photo Courtesy: Salina Chai's website 

Style Icon: Salina Chai, a prestige fashion and lifestyle blogger from Singapore

salina Chai

Photo Courtesy: Salina Chai's Instagram 

Salina is a brand ambassador for variety of prestige brands including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christina Dior, Bottega Veneta, Maison Valentino and etc. Her unique style has been captured by many fashion magazines like Elle Singapore, Her World Singapore, Pin Prestige and Style Singapore.

Be your own kind of beautiful

The classy that can last a long time, if it’s your preference style.
Timeless, Professional, Refined, Polished, Sophisticated appeal


Salina Chai

Salina Chai

Photo Courtesy: Salina Chai's Instagram 

Her vintage and effortless style is unescapable in our eyes. Her profile can provide a great guidance for you to developing a classic style every single day. Personal style is simply self-expression through personal choices and it’s timeless.

By creating your personal style, it may not be easy but someone can do it naturally. That’s why 9-Neko Editorial is a place to share the style and aesthetic inspiration of our recommended style influencers.

 Fashion can be built in “one day” but style can only be built in “time”.

If you love prestige and want to stay abreast of current trend, please follow and explore Salina’s fashion world through her social media and website. All style icons have put a lot of efforts on their platforms to share style inspiration with followers and it never an easy job to do. With 87.9K followers on Salina’s Instagram, she has attracted attract many retro and modern lovers with her exquisite style.




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