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Photo Credit: Rekaystyle's Instagram 

Style Icon: Rekay Style, Fashion Designer from Seoul, Korea

Our Style Icon, Rekay not only has an effortless charismatic and her passion for fashion has already exceeded more than many people in this industry. In order to satisfy her readers, she ensures to keep updating content on her platform where she shows her style and shares all of her recommended fashion choices.

Her elegant and cool style that we must inspire. Not everyone can find their style easily and this is why we need talented style icons to guide everyone and eventually find their own styles. Her Blog's page is just full of the contents that can be quite useful for us like What to wear, Where to shop, and How to style.

Recently, she has uploaded a new outfit called "Little Black Dress". The purpose is to show how to wear something very basic and share with you a look which you can wear anytime daily and look elegantly. These fashion items are "Cost-Effective" with some edges.  

On her post, she was wearing: A little Black dress

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