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Welcome to 9-Neko Editorial

We're happy to welcome you back and to visit us again. 9-neko Editorial, based in Australia, is not only a place for sharing our recommended style and beauty influencers, but also not limited to skincare and beauty ideas that we would like to share based on our E/ditor's picks. Most importantly, 9-Neko editorial wish every girls has a place to “express their style inspiration”.

We believes products do not speak for itself, it become its own characteristics only when people wear it.  We’re all unique styles, we shouldn’t hide from others instead to proud of what we have; likewise, your style speaks for you. You may find some inspirations from our featured style icons and eventually create one for yourself through our site.

All the way to your "Beauty" Journey

Our site brings you a feature"9-neko beauty shop" where you can find our recommended Natural, Sustainable and cruelty-Free/Vegan Skincare products and Cosmetics tools made from Singapore, Korea and Australia from our affiliate partners. Why? Because we care for your skin but also can maintain the environmental-friendly concept. 
“Maintaining your skin radiant can make you feel differently, and to boost your confidence". We understand the importance of “BUY”ing the right skin care products for yourself, therefore 9-Neko editorial only introduces the trustable collaborated skincare brands to our audiences. 

Brand "Collaboration" 

We connect with potential brands for collaboration, partnership and PR model agency. If your (sustainable) skincare brands would like to have a collaboration with content writing marketing , please feel free to reach out via info@9-neko.com.au. 

Proud of Women 

When things hit harder in lives, we always see that every women stay stronger and powerful. 9-Neko Editorial here to share you some of the powerful women who we admire.